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News reaches us from Sagittarius, the home of the Galactic Center and, as scientists tell us, the center of the known universe. I am not kidding. At about 14 degrees Sagittarius (which the Sun crosses around Dec. 6-8), there is a point called the Great Attractor, toward which about one million galaxies are converging. Galaxies, not stars. There are about 4 billion stars in our galaxy alone. The point toward which these million galaxies are converging is broadcasting on every frequency except the ones we can see (X, Gamma, infrared, and more).

"Nobody knows what it is, or why everything is drawing to it," says Philip Sedgwick, the Arizona-based Centaur astrologer and one of the few people who has researched the psychodynamics of the Great Attractor. "This thing is prodigious. It's the largest thing that I know of, that they [astronomers] know of. They can't really see anything out there. So what is it? We don't know. The point itself retreats from us, but everything is following it, in hot pursuit."

Now, as for how it feels. When it's working in our charts or in our lives (currently) there is a polarizing effect associated with this point. People are sorted out into one side or the other, they have strong reactions to us one way or the other. In the Sixties it was called being radicalized. It pushes us to the roots of who we are, and lets us see others for who they are.

And why is it active now? In a word, PLUTO. Pluto in Sagittarius is sitting right on this point, right now. Further, something called the South Lunar Node is conjunct Pluto and the Great Attractor. The effect is palpable, especially if you have planets in any of the mutable sighs (Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius or Pisces, especially between 10 and 20 degrees). But even if not, the ultimate effect seems to be like a huge dump of old karma and a big blast of reality coming through. At the moment, there are a number of plants in Leo working with this point (making a trine to it, fire to fire) so we're on the cozy end. Come Virgo time, we'll feel it a little more stressfully (this does not, I am sure, thrill certain people who are no doubt feeling it very stressfully now, but for you it may ease off in the Fall, based on your chart).

The message is clear: deal with your stuff. There is no point trying to hide who you are, what you believe (Sagittarius!), what you want and what you need to fulfill your evolutionary growth (Pluto!). There is no need to drag along what you don't need. Freedom may be a struggle, it may be a profound responsibility, scary, questionably real and not guaranteed, but that's no reason not to try. Ultimately, freedom is inevitable, and we only get the choce between whether to seek it in life, or in death.

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