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January 2002

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Articles Archive 2001-2003

October 2003 | Libra

Above: "Eclipse" by Via Keller | Studio Psycherotica

Articles Editor - Tracy Delaney
Design & Programming - Jordan Laughlin
Editorial Assistant - Chelsea Bottinelli
Publisher & Editor - Eric Francis

Thanks to our past articles editors - Jeanne, Jenny and Steve.


Options to Hysterectomy


Planet Waves Weekly

October Horoscope | Eric Francis

Planet Waves for Autumn 2003 | Eric Francis


My Journey to Forgiveness | Jenny Singer

A Non-Jealous Man on Jealousy | Interview with Clay Landacre

The Libra Story - Our House | Elle McKenzie

The Party | Cassia Landacre

Genexhibitionist | Maya Dexter


Long Forgotten Cover Highlights

2003 Annual Horoscope & Essays
The Pisces Point

His Majesty's Horoscope
Review by Eric Francis from the Annual Edition

A Belated Farewell to Joe Strummer
By Constance Perenyi

Increase Stress Naturally!
Workshop Offerings

Were It So
From the Lunatic Fringe Dept.


Septembter 2003 | Virgo

Healing Through Choice | Cassia Landacre

Over the Years and Miles:
Distance Healing
| Elle McKenzie

A Simple Holistic First Aid Kit
Jennifer Wilks Christian, Cassia Landacre,
Elle McKenzie and Tracy Delaney

Independence Day - 1997 | Elle McKenzie

Child Immunization | Jennifer Wilks Christian & Tracy Delaney

The Alexander Technique | Rebecca Poole

Chiron & Worlds Beyond Neptune | Eric Francis

Your Own Celebrations of Autumn | Link

The Virgo Story | Elle McKenzie

Comes Naturally | David Steinberg

Genexhibitionist | Maya Dexter

Wanderlust | Giovanna

Humanaissance | Steven Lance


August 2003 | Leo

The Drama of Drama | Rebecca Poole

Duende | Elle McKenzie

Prenatal Exposures and Disease | Rachel

Everyday Monogamy | Tracy Delaney

Lucille's Room Monologue | Giovanna Coppola

Comes Naturally | David Steinberg

When One Man Dies | Jeanne Treadway

Personal Drama | Cassia Landacre

Stand By Your Sam | Rosa Hunter

David Kelly: Name and Shame | Elle McKenzie

Dr Kelly on Television | Tracy Delaney

The Case of the Occultation
The astrology of Dr. Kelly by Eric Francis

August Horoscope | Eric Francis


July 2003 | Cancer


Options to Hysterectomy


Can Corporations Be Held Accountable? | Richard Grossman

Baby Boy | A.K.Abbruzzi

The Limits of Dissent | Stephen Bergstein

When The Full Moon Was In Aquarius | Susan Madrak

Sick Policy Versus Sick People | Steven L. Fornal

Constitutional Repression | Stephen Bergstein

Sluts Unite | David Steinberg

The Politics of Consciousness | Jennifer Wilks Christian

World Citizens' Declaration of Independence | Steven L. Fornal

July Horoscope | Eric Francis


June 2003 | Gemini

Her | Jeanne Treadway

Can Corporations be Accountable? | Richard Grossman

Just Say No | Adrianna Holman

Altered States | Susan Madrak

What does it mean to believe in something?
Ray Loring Johnson

Boiling the Sky | Steven L. Fornal

Red Cedar | A.K. Abbruzzi

Your Own Celebrations of Summer | Link

The War Against Eve | Lise LePage

Wanderlust | Giovanna Coppola

Genexhibitionist | Maya Dexter

June Horoscope | Eric Francis


May 2003 | Taurus

Wanderlust | Giovanna Coppola

Somethin's Happenin' Here | Jeanne Treadway

Hide and Seek at Grandma's | Alison Abbruzzi

Elemental Child | Denice Taylor

Mainstream Extremists | Peter Montague

Life to Hold on to While Death is Passing | David Steinberg

Mother Goddess | Link

Nessus: Underworld Messenger | Denice Taylor

Staphysagria | Adrianna Holman

War: Perfect As Is | Diana Hay

The Why Of War | Steven L. Fornal


Aries 2003

April Horoscope

Your Own Celebrations of Spring | Link

Ethan | Rebecca Poole

Fertile Soil | By Steven Wayne Spencer

A Hunting He Will Go | Steven Lance

The History of Magic and Kings | Jennifer Singer

A New Messiah? | Lise LePage

Union of Opposites | Jennifer Wilks Christian

Wanderlust | Giovanna Coppola


Pisces 2003

US Diplomat's Letter of Resignation


March 2003 Horoscope

New Planet Waves Essays by Eric
Columbia, the Peace Movement and more

Ash Wednesday | Susan Madrak

Death and the Moon | Elle McKenzie

The Death Card | Kathy Garner

To the End | Lise

In Defense of Family Values | Steven Lance

The Force | Andie Holman

The Gate | Lorin Vincent

Karma and Reincarnation | Jennifer Singer

Divine Right of Kings | Jennifer Wilks Christian

The Magic of Millions | Lise

Death & the Underworld | Kathy Garner

Star Talk | By Denice Taylor

Wanderlust | Giovanna Coppola


Aquarius 2003

Star Talk | Denice Taylor

Why Are Relationships So Difficult? | By Link

The Experience of Having | By Jenny Singer

What is Love? | By Kathy Garner

Mugic | By Steve Lance

Silent Orgasm | By Jennifer Wilks Christian

Staring Down the Mirror | By Maya Dexter

For Sudie | By Andie Holman

Wander Lust | By Giovanna Coppola


Febuary 2003 Horoscope

2003 Annual Edition



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Planet Waves Home



January 2003 - Epiphanies

This Issue is on Hiatus again for technical difficulties!


December 2002 - The Cosmic Child

Introduction | Jeanne Treadway

Conception | Jennifer Wilks Christian

Images and Truths | Pam Purdy

Madonna with a Long Neck | Rebecca Poole

Did Your Mother Come, Too? | Planet Waves Staff

The Reason for the Season | Genexhibitionist by Maya Dexter

My Sacred Children | Paula Grossman

Star Talk | Denice Taylor

One Virgin Clapping | Tracy Delaney

Wander Lust | Giovanna Coppola

The Calling | Fiction by Steven Lance


The Sagittarius Eclipse | Planet Waves Essay

A Plausible Throry of Love | Planet Waves Essay

Oh, Two - The Year in Review Horoscope


Old Weekly Archive


November 2002 - The Sacred Whore

Introduction | By Jeanne Treadway

The Whore in Context | By Eric Francis

I Am a Sacred Whore | By Jenny Singer

Wander Lust | By Giovanna Coppola

Maggie Mae | By Jeanne Treadway

Aspects of My Sex | By Maya Dexter

A Whore by Any Name | By Denice Taylor

Turn, Turn, Turn | By Jenny Singer


Cosmic Child | Planet Waves Essay

Once Upon a Time in a Police State...

November Horoscope | By Eric Francis

Star Talk | By Denice Taylor


The Inside Story of Scorpio: A Reprint from Sexuality.org
For the Love of Money by Eric Francis

October 2002

Sky News

New Astrology Column

PCBs Volume 11

Iraq Facts

Once There Was a War


September 2002

I Was There | By the Planet Waves Staff

September Monthly Horoscope

Sept. 11, 1984 | By Eric Francis

West Denile Virus | By Maya Dexter

Wander Lust | By Giovanna Coppola

NineEleven Equals TwentyFourSeven Plus
| By Steven L. Fornal

Everyday Enlightenment | By Carol Burkhart

For the Faithful

News Links

US and UK Sell Chemical, Nuclear
& Biological Weapons to Iraq

Oddly, from The (Scotland) Sunday Herald

An Open Letter to America | The Observer (UK)

Bush Deploys Troops to West Nile!

Wake Up Call | The Guardian (UK)

The War Has Already Begun | The Telegraph (UK)


August 2002

Boston Globe Editorial on Operation TIPS

Weekly and Monthly | Horoscopes

From Then to Here | Planet Waves by Eric Francis
Part three of Born in the Sixties. (Parts
one and two.)

Advertising & the End of the World | Sixties Sidebar

Chiron in Pisces | More on the Sixties

Part One | Part Two | By Peter Montague
Rachel's Health and Environment Weekly

The Anus & Bush
New & Brilliant from David Steinberg.

Moonfaces Excerpt | by Christopher Grosso

Maya Gets In Trouble at Work | Genexhibitionist

Amour Sauvage | by Don Sauvage

A Kink in the Karmic Kundalini | Fiction by Steven Lance

Updated Information About Eric's
Astrology Consultations

An Oldie | Ugly Woodstock by Parry D. Teasdale
This is an editorial from summer 1999 in Woodstock Times by my rather excellent editor there.

An Oldie | Too Dang Much by Jeanne Treadway


July 2002

Weekly and Monthly | Horoscopes

New Feature! Not So Frequently Asked Questions

Planet Waves | Born at the Right Time

Genexhibitionist | by Maya Dexter

One You Probably Missed

Actual Workshops | Seriously


June 2002

Daily Edition | Through June 10

Weekly and Monthly | Horoscopes

Planet Waves | Born in the Sixties

Genexhibitionist | by Maya Dexter

Hearts to Bones | by Christopher Grosso

And Don't Miss Part Two | by Christopher

Eric's Horoscopes for Jonathan Cainer, June 5 and June 11, from before and after the June 10 solar eclipse.


May 2002

Daily Edition | Through June 10

Weekly and Monthly | Horoscopes

Planet Waves | When Worlds Collide

Waiting for the Buddha | By Jenny Singer

The Right To Exist | by Chris Grosso

The Second Sex | Essay

Your Reader Comments | Here

A Moment from PCB History

Genexhibitionist | by Maya Dexter


April 2002

Weekly and Monthly | Horoscopes

For the Faithful | Were It So

Planet Waves | A Beautiful Time?

Genexhibitionist | By Maya Dexter

From Self to Self | By Eric Francis



March 2002

Counterpunch | Political Newsletter

March 2002 Horoscope

Weekly Horoscopes

Frustrnation | Essay

Truth Be Told: The Death Penalty | Article

Eva, Can I Eye Eno? | Essay by Chris


February 2002

February 2002 Horoscope

Loving Ourselves Together

Be My Valentine


From December 2001 and January 2002

Our Third Anniversary Edition

The Great Curve: 2002 Annual Horoscope

What A Day That Was

Weekly and Monthly Horoscopes


Tell Me Why | By Jeanne Treadway

One Eye in a Cave | By Christopher Grosso

Daylight is Good, Arriving at the Right Time
By Steve Bergstein

The Centaur's Arrow

A Few Environmental Articles...

Toxic Casino | Planet Waves By Eric Francis

Flashback 1992: PCB Photo Tour

FOILing Them

Making World News With PCBs | A Reprint

And some Astrology...

Chiron in Capricorn

A Brief History of Chiron | A Reprint from 2000

Chiron Books

Holographic Astrology | Previously Unpublished Vintage

And some Self-Promotion...

The Future is Unwritten

Learn Astrology

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