Eric Francis – Motivational Speaker, Workshop Leader

Photo by Beth Bagner.

I am available for impassioned, funny, relevant keynote presentations, speaking engagements and workshops. Without really trying to I have evolved into a motivational speaker; I guess I’m pretty motivated and like to talk about why. Here is a selected list of my past presentations, spanning from 1996 to present. Please contact Chelsea at (877) 453-8265 or write to us at for more information. It is best to both call and email, please. Alternative daytime contact is Sarah at (845) 331-0355 and

Power Places Tours, Crete, April 1996, hosted by Barbara Hand Clow; New Moon presentation on tour of Athens, Crete and Egypt.

Celebration of Sacred Sexuality, Harbin Springs, CA, September 1997, presented by Deborah Taj Anapol; keynote speaker on astrology and sexuality.

Loving More National Retreats, East and West Coasts, 1997-2010. Workshop and lecture presenter on relationships, culminating as keynote speaker in 2010.

New York State Conference on Property Rights, February 1998. Keynote speaker at annual conference, on real estate fraud by land trusts including Mohonk Preserve and Open Space Institute.

Club Relate, Daytona, FL, 1999-2000, workshop presenter.

Northwest Astrology Conference, Seattle, WA, 2001-2002, faculty
— Astrology Points to a New Sexuality
— Chiron at 25
— Born in the Sixties

Iraq War – Peace Protest in Seattle, Spring 2004. Allowed Tom Morello of Audioslave (formerly of Rage Against the Machine) to cut in front of me on speakers’ line so he could make it to sound check on time. Promised him I would put it on my résumé.

Eric Francis, in his podcasting studio

National Union of Journalists of the UK, Paris, December 2005, An American Journalist in Paris.

Astrology Toronto International Conference, 2005-2006, keynote faculty, full-day presentations on working with minor planets for professional astrologers.

State University of New York at New Paltz, April 2006, on the history of dioxin and PCBs.

The Blast Astrology Conference, Sedona, AZ, March 2007, faculty, presentation on newspaper horoscopes as journalism.

National Council for Geocosmic Research Conference (NCGR) international conference, Baltimore, MD, March 2007, conference faculty, Pluto on Galactic Center.

Omega Institute for Holistic Studies, Rhinebeck, NY, May 2008, four-day workshop intensive on using Chiron in the natal chart.

Gay Blogger’s Conference in Washington, DC, 2009. Investigative reporting for bloggers.

United Astrology Conference, 2009, official conference press.

American Psychological Association, Toronto, 2009, faculty, Women’s Psychology Section. “The Inner Gaze: Reconstructing Women’s Sense of Self.” Sponsored by Christine Farber, Ph.D.

Hudson Valley National Council for Geocosmic Research (NCGR) Hudson Valley Chapter, Saugerties, NY, August 2009. Presentation for professional astrologers on working with newly discovered planets.

The Yes Men, 2009-2010, various appearances, presenting on the history of The Yes Men political satire troupe.

National Council for Geocosmic Research (NCGR) International Conference, Cambridge, MA, February 2010. Presentation for professional astrologers on working with newly-discovered planets.

Omega Institute for Holistic Studies, April 2011, presentation on 2012 astrology.

United Astrology Conference, 2012, conference faculty, presenting as part of the expert panel on astrology in the media; and a half-day intensive on astrological writing for professionals.

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