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Orders taking advantage of discounds must be phoned in weekdays during business hours. Thank you! The number is (206) 463-7827.

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Planet Waves Weekly is delivered to you 48 times a year. You also receive the monthly and annual horoscopes by email, and can join the Political Waves news update list FREE.

You will never miss an important astrological development: Mercury retrograde, a New or Full Moon, or one of the many Celtic holidays we keep reminding you about.

You'll have the pleasure knowing your subscription supports the fabulous, endless commercial-free Planet Waves web page, which provides news, essays, astrology and articles about sexuality and relationships.

We offer 50% student disconts, discounts for seniors and a new unemployed discount. Please call if these apply to you. We also offer bulk subscriptions for any size list !

Subsciptions are $50 for a full year (phone or mail order only), $59 for a full year with the 2003 annual CD (total value $75), $33 for six months, and $20 for three months. We offer full customer service during business hours Pacific Time. A full-year subscription at the SUPPORTER rate is $100 per year. A subscription at the SUSTAINER rate is $250 per year. If you would like to be a supporter or sustainer, please call (206) 463-STAR (7827).

Note -- if you are with a student newspaper, we will allow you to run the weekly horoscope in your high school or college newspaper without charge. If you are with a professional newspaper or magazine and would like to publish the horoscope, please call us at (206) 463-STAR (7827)

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Method One, the simplest. Our SECURED online automated purchase allows you to purchase three- or six-month subscriptions. Three months is $20 and six months is $33. We accept American Express, Visa, Master Card and Discover. Please fill in all fields so that we can take care of your subscription properly.

Order Now Using Paypal

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Method Two, mail order with payment by check. Also easy for both of us. Snail mail us your information and a check -- payable to Eric Francis -- or a money order for the appropriate amount (please see above) to: Eric Francis, PO Box 13184, Burton, WA 98013. Remember your e-mail address! We will use it to confirm your order.

Method Three, phone your order into (206) 463-STAR (7827) between 9 a.m. and 5 p.m. Pacific Time, which is three hours earlier than New York. If you get the voicemail system, please leave your daytime number and e-mail address so we can get back to you. Phone line-oriented subscribers may also fax your order and payment information to our dedicated fax line, (206) 463-6137. Please make sure your order says Planet Waves Subscription on it. Remember your delivery e-mail address in your fax! We will confirm by e-mail.

For customer service questions, please call that same number -- (206) 463-STAR (7827).

Thank you for your business.

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