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Chart Notes: These are charts cast without houses, only signs. Lines in the middle represent aspects, or angles between the planets. These charts include the major planets, the four major asteroids and Chiron. Above is the first opposition between Chirion and Pluto, in 1961. Chiron, shaped like K with an oval beneath it, is in red on the left-hand side, above the horizon, conjunct two asteroids and the South Node. Pluto is in purple directly opposite, in Virgo. Note that both planets are close to lunar nodes, which appear in orange; this placement means that there was recently a pattern of eclipses involving both Chiron and Pluto, and the suggestion that there is some kind of multiple-incarnation thread being woven by the events described in the chart.

Below is the Chiron-Pluto opposition exact the day the Beatles played for the first time on the Ed Sullivan show. In the chart below, note the Uranus-Pluto conjunction in Virgo on the right side below the horizontal line. Note also the Moon's location in the first degree of Aries (called the Aries point) which typically brings many other people into the equation -- a quality that Pluto has as well. Yet since the performance was several hours earlier, the Moon was void-of-course in late Pisces during the Beatle's first performance in the United States. This points to a need to reinterpret the void-of-course Moon, which is generally perceived as bad by astrologers. Really, unusual or unlikely things are possible when the Moon is voide-of-course, as was clearly the case with the Beatles.

In the chart below, the Uranus-Pluto opposition is visible, in Virgo, to the right, just below the horizontal line (Uranus is shaped like an H, for its discoverer, Sir Willian Herschel). Neptune, shaped like a trident, appears in green, above and slightly to the left of Uranus-Pluto, in Scorpio, making harmonious aspects to Chiron, Pluto and Uranus, which it did for many years.

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