Hey You,

We hope you have as much fun reading this web page as we have creating it. We basically consist of a bunch of wannabe overachievers who find it necessary to express ourselves for reasons unbeknownst to those for whom that is not normal activity.

Just who we are is a diverse collection of artists, journalists, essayists, students, astrologers, fiction writers, an Army major, poets, a few teachers, a house mom or two and a civil rights lawyer, with a few photographers and musicians tossed in for good measure. There are old friends and new. This crew is known loosely as The Vision List. The list functions as an editorial collective and bantering den with a rotating quarterly editorship so nobody gets toasted by the job and we have lots of skilled hands on board.

That sums the whole business up in one sentence. Thank you all. Personally, I could not do my job every day without a lot of excellent help from my two in-office assistants, Chelsea and Jordan, the sweetest people in galactic history.

Our website is supposedly about astrology, which is one version of the study of the universe. You will also find writing about everything from the Beatles to musings on sane relationships to a lot on politics, sexuality, and a good bit of fiction. Planet Waves is currently updated on a monthly cycle toward the beinning of each month with new articles by the staff, but in actuality updates are a little of this or that every day. Occasionally I will go to an official daily update.

My own articles and essays go back quite a ways in time and growth, and I recognize the labyrinthine quality of the site, which is more likely to offer you what you're looking for by chance than by design. But the poetry of the universe is very much in motion. Enjoy delving into the minds of those who have contributed.

I write a fun weekly newsletter like nothing you've ever seen, Planet Waves Weekly. It's better than CNN, MSNBC, MTV, Letterman, the Texas Rangers and the Fashion Channel combined. Look around the site for how to subscribe, you can't miss it, I've been working diligently at this.

We welcome reader correspondence, analysis and suggestions and offer a few ways to get involved with the project. Anything you mail me commenting on the site may (naturally) be shared with The Vision List. If you're sending something personal, just say so to be sure. If I don't respond, please try again shortly. I respond to almost everything, not exactly everything.

You are welcome to send me emails reminding me to breathe, get off my ass and take a walk, or not to worry.

Dodge the race and duck the trips,

- Eric Francis
The West Coast, USA

rev. 1 May 03

(above: growltiger foxfire and eric, hurley, new york - long ago, far away)