Chart cast in Star Sprite, minor planets calculated at

Capricorn Full Moon, July 13, 2003
Sunday, 12:21:12 p.m. PDT, Vashon Island, WA

Full moon is an opposition of the moon and sun -- note that they are exactly at opposite sides of the wheel, at 20 degrees and 59 minutes of Capricorn and Cancer, respectively. Earth does not appear in this chart; it would be located at the middle of the inner circle, if so. Full moon represents a peak or crest of energy and often breaking a deadlock. In the chart above, Capricorn moon opposes the Cancer sun, a fair representation of the people and the government or structure of society in a kind of standoff.

Depending on your location on Earth, the rising sign differs. I cast charts for where I am, and this chart is cast for Vashon Island, Washington (near Seattle and smilar to just about any location in the Pacific Northwest and much of the west). This chart gives Libra rising. I'm not going to go through every minor planet, but the five closest to the ascendant, on the left, from top to bottom, are Eros (the little heart), Chariklo (a Centaur) both in Virgo, and Diana (an asteroid with the same glyph as the moon), Vesta (an asteroid) and Pandora (an asteroid) all in Libra.

At the top of the chart is Saturn (to the right of the 10th house cusp, the heavier red line, thus in the 9th house) and Venus (to the left, thus in the 10th, with Varuna, the Sun and Atlantis (an asteroid) in Cancer and Mercury, Isis (an asteroid) and Hera (an asteroid) in Leo. In this chart, the 10th house is rather prominent, as is the 4th, where the moon is. By prominent, I mean having lots of planets and difficult to miss. But remember that placement of planets by house is a local affair. Cast the chart for DC and you'll see planets in different houses, with everything rotated to the right by about 45 degrees.

Amidst all the planetary configurations in this chart, three stand out, none of which depend on the location of the chart. One is that the sun is conjunct asteroid Atlantis, which carries a theme of abuse of information and abuse of technological power. Atlantis mythology is of the great empire fallen in its noontide. The hand of God strikes it down. Ostensibly, they "went too far" with something, and their demise was a kind of correction. Atlantis is what you might call the myth of a probable reality for Earth. It represents the fear of that kind of outcome, on one level, and more concretely, the actual abuse of information and technology.

Second interesting configuration is the moon surrounded on either side by Centaur planets, in particular Chiron and Nessus. These two planets have been working Capricorn for about two years (Nessus a little longer, Chiron a little shorter). That tells us (among other things) that anyone with planets, the sun or moon, or anything else in Capricorn is getting a series of conjunctions from two planets which really stir the pot, raise awareness and initiate a flood of changes in life. Nessus, which I've mentioned in recent weekly essays and which was written up recently for the monthly by Denice Taylor, raises issues of power dynamics, abuse dynamics and questions of sexual appropriateness.

Chiron simply raises awareness, helps us make contact with the need for healing and progress, instigates honesty and helps us integrate relationship situations that may at first seem confusing, painful or embedded in structure (i.e., Capricorn). Place the moon there and we have some interesting dynamics surfacing. We are at a full moon and in the current year major lunations have proven to be very interesting events in politics (for example, the 602-city peace march happened during the Leo full moon on Feb. 15). Leo is interesting in this chart. Mercury, a very Bush-oriented planet, has just entered Leo and is conjunct an asteroid that's super interesting, Isis, which is about putting together the pieces. Isis is conjunct Hera, so there are three points in one degree.

Currently we are seeing all kinds of interesting issues surface in the realm of government, and they are surfacing in the media, which is putting together the pieces, and doing a little of the keeping score for which Hera is fairly famous.

Last, if you notice the location of Mars, the men's room door glyph (shown in red, lower right), it would be conjunct Uranus and a very influential little asteroid called Hidalgo (hand-written in). There is a rebellion brewing here. Mars is slow and powerful in Pisces, about to go retrograde -- bad time for waging war, particularly in the slippery sign of the fish. (This administration consistently makes war at bad times. Maybe they'll cover up their screw-ups on the most recent war by making another, oh, right, the one in Liberia). Hidalgo (currently retrograde) deals with vast systems of cultural and family lies, and the revolts against them. Uranus handles uprisings in general. It too is retrograde. All three of these planets retrograde is symbolic of the emphasis on the past, but describing some kind of rebellion happening now.

Just watch -- we may get an interesting little show. Look for corresonding imagery or experience in your personal life. What rebellion is afoot? This is a good time for busting the lies with which you grew up and from which you may still suffer today. Just because powerful people said things doesn't make them true. ++


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