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Updated Sept. 23, 2003

Keep your eyes wide.

Eric Francis blends astrology, investigative reporting and social criticism to offer something genuinely different to the world. Planet Waves has been written and published continuously since May 1995, and has appeared in print throughout the English-speaking world, Europe and Australia.

This link provides a sampling of Eric's work, including the world-renowned Planet Waves Weekly.

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Publications considering syndicating Planet Waves columns may contact us at (877) 453-8265 for additional information. Eric is also available for radio and television appearances as well as speaking engagements and workshops. A compelling, experienced broadcaster and presenter on subjects as diverse as astrology, ecological affairs, politics and relationships, your audience will appreciate the clear-headed and alive approach that Eric takes to his subject matter.

Professional Summary

Eric is not your average astrologer. Prior to being lured into stargazing by Patric Walker's column in the New York Post in the early 1990s, Eric was an award-winning investigative reporter specializing in environmental fraud, writing for Sierra, The Village Voice, The Las Vegas Sun and many other newspapers. He was also an award winning writer for Woodstock Times and host of Radio Navigator on Radio Woodstock.

For years before, Eric covered higher education as publisher of a statewide news service in New York (Student Leader News Service, AP profile available by mail, on request), and earlier still, covered beverage alcohol regulation, medical education and education law as a business reporter for Whitaker Newsletters, Inc.

His work has been covered repeatedly by The New York Times, which -- though it rarely mentions the work of other journalists -- has also done two features about Eric's journalism (available by mail, on request).

Today, Eric is an internationally-known astrological writer, teacher and consultant whose horoscope column appears in the (London) Daily Mirror as a popular stand-in for the Jonathan Cainer daily, Chronogram in metro-New York, Vital Source in Milwaukee, Crosswinds in Santa Fe and Albuquerque, and The Ticket in Washington State. He's also written for The Mountain Astrologer and a variety of European astrology magazines, The Colorado Daily in Boulder, and numerous other magazines, newspapers and websites. His essays and articles have appeared in hundreds of newspapers, magazines and internet pages in the U.S., the U.K., Europe and Australia. Last year his homepage was visited 750,000 times.

He was the long-time astrology columnist for AOL-UK and actually survived a full year after its merger with Time-Warner.

Eric's essays on astrology, environmental issues and sexuality appear online at StarIQ,com,, and on his homepage, Planet Waves. He continues to cover environmental issues in his beloved former home town, New Paltz, NY.

Eric was born and raised in Brooklyn, educated at John Dewey High School, SUNY-Buffalo, Rutgers University and SUNY New Paltz, and now lives on Vashon Island, near Seattle.

A press kit is available by calling Chelsea at (206) 463-STAR (7827) during business hours, Pacific zone.

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