Cream and Sugar


hey you...

here is a poem i wrote.


Cream and Sugar

First thing in the morning I brew a cup of my own
love brew
I fantasize about the whole wide world touching me
watching me make love to me
For I am
(and always have been)
in a love affair with the world
I get excited about a cool looking cloud or a worm on the ground
I get excited about drawing invisible circles down and around my clit
First thing in the morning I rub and I rub and I love
The way my body feels
it feels soft and divine and its mine to play with
I recognize this as I slide my fingertips down my hips
and I gasp for air
Breathing heavy and heavier
steady and steadier
My head caresses the pillow my hips
raise off the sheets
I feel wetter
And better as I giggle like I'm seven
when I never knew
I wasn't supposed to
Touch myself down there
Sounds of self love surround me and ground me
First thing in the morning I feel fresh and frisky like a kitten
I can't control my purring and rubbing so I let go of control
and I let my body roll to the naked songs that play in my soul
I feel buzzed becuzz
im high
high on my own cup of self-stimulation
on my own cup of sensual sensations
I don't need a cup of joe to let me know
I tell myself I love myself
First thing in the morning


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